Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) Shares May Soon Rocket as the Company Dives into Two of the Biggest Arenas Around!

Cash in stocks

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) could be one of the next penny stocks on Wall Street to explode as it takes on the massive CBD arena and the huge app industry...

Not one, but TWO lucrative ventures is what this company is involved with and this could lead to some colossal shareholder growth as traders learn about them.


These three letters stand for cannabidiol, one of the most popular words to ever hit the mainstream in recent years.

There was a time when marijuana was a hush hush topic, and nobody would have even dreamed that there would be companies involved with marijuana or CBD trading on the stock market.

Well it's a reality now. Marijuana and CBD are at the top of the list for most talked about new areas of investment and marijuana related stocks such as Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC), Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY), and Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) have seen stellar gains.

It was last year that Canada legalized recreational marijuana and the FDA approved the first cannabinoid derived medicine from GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH). The number of pot related stocks also exploded.

It was in 2018 that Tilray made its debut in the market and the stock soared from $17 to over $200 in just weeks as traders jumped on it!

CBD products are now widely available after President Trump signed the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 last December. The bill legalized hemp-derived products in the United States and helped push the popularity of CBD even further.

The fact that CBD is now legal in the U.S. has created an enormous market and an enormous opportunity for companies to grab a big piece of this green pie.

We are in a GREEN revolution and it's an under the radar marijuana related small-cap such as Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) that could potentially become an Amazon or Apple of the industry!

Not to mention that this is just ONE of the company's big ventures... the other is apps and Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) has two apps that could become widely downloaded!

Logos for the TWOH businesses

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) is both an application development company as well as an organic hemp-based CBD cultivator that strives to offer the highest quality CBD extract derivatives to be exported under the Two Hands Corp Lab brand.

The custom application development and medical technologies company is striving to create complete solutions with an ultimate goal of providing quality products that are innovative and meet and exceed the needs of customers.

CBD in Colombia

Many have no idea that the CBD potential in the country of Colombia is incredible.

The way coffee has become associated with Colombia is the way CBD could too. In fact, CBD could be the next economic bonanza there!

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) has agreed to purchase 100% of the licence to grow, export, hold cannabis and CBD derivatives in Colombia from Plantro Inc S.A.S, an organic hemp based cultivator located in Madrid, that is vertically integrated and producing from seed to wholesaler.

The company wants to produce the highest quality, low cost hemp based oil and will distribute its high grade hemp based oil primarily through Latin America and Australia. Once countries allow for importation the company will then expand its reach.

Once the genetics have been approved and the remainder of the conditions placed on Plantro S.A.S. are satisfied, the company expects to close the transaction and utilize the licence to its full potential.

CBD oil from Two Hands CBD Lab

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) CEO Nadav Elituv, has stated, "As part of our agreement, the Plantro S.A.S. team will assist with the initial construction of Greenhouses on the first hectare located in the center of Bogota Savannah in Madrid, Colombia that will serve as the agronomical head-quarters. In tandem with the construction, we have initiated the Agronomist Evaluation Unit (AEU), a Government mandate to characterize genetics required to begin industrial planting."

He also added, "The greenhouses will house the initial test harvests to be evaluated by ICA. Colombia has become a highly sought after jurisdiction for Cannabis cultivation activities and has established itself as one of the places to grow with local acceptance and ideal growing conditions. We will continue to invest and advance our cannabis cultivation footprint up to the 10 hectares over the next twelve to eighteen months. As we continue to grow, we expect better access to institutional investors and a broader shareholder base through the addition of this licence and the continued build out of the greenhouses."

It was this summer that Mr. Elituv gave a corporate update and said, "We anticipate our initial test harvests comprised of 10 different genetic strains and nearly 600 plants will be evaluated by the ICA in the coming weeks so we can continue construction of our Greenhouses as we continue to invest and advance our cannabis cultivation footprint up to the 10 hectares over the next twelve to eighteen months after the closing. As we continue to expand our business, we have initiated talks to acquire another licence within Central Africa.”

Cannabis Leaf

Many expect CBD to be the next Gold Rush and the most exciting thing is that the industry has grown out of nowhere! By word of mouth basically!

It's not every day that a well-established alcohol beverage giant invests $4 billion into a Canadian marijuana company and that's what happened when Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) took a bet on Canopy Growth.

Constellation Brands CEO Rob Sands had said at the time that, "the future is now" when it comes to cannabis. He has called the plant one of the 'most significant' growth opportunities of the next decade.

Not too long ago Canopy Growth was granted a license by New York State to produce and process hemp. The facility will focus on hemp extraction and product manufacturing within the US.

CBD is said to be one of the most promising products of the health industry!

It is greatly associated today with health and wellness and CBD-infused products have become all the rage. From edibles, beverages, beauty products, many consumers are scrambling to try CBD out.

Modern science has also been documenting the benefits that CBD offers. CBD therapy is connected to the part of the biological matrix where body and brain meet and could be a preventative medicine helping our immune system and nervous system.

Some studies have shown that regular CBD users have a lower body mass index, smaller waist circumferences, and reduced risk of diabetes and obesity. It has also been studied for relieving pain, protecting bone health, helping insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and healing the skin.

Work on the Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) site in Columbia is moving quickly. Greenhouses, seed vaults and offices are up and operational. Things are starting to GROW.

Two Hands CBD Lab greenhouses

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) is focused on making a big splash with its legal CBD venture but the company also has TWO apps that could soon be downloaded by millions around the world!

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) has an app called "Two Hands" that launched in July of 2018.

It could be the ideal solution for couples around the world who are co-parenting. Whether you are a married couple, a divorced couple, or just a couple that isn't even a couple, the app may reduce the stress and worries that come with co-parenting.

Divorce is one of the leading factors of co-parenting and the United States is ranked third in the world for the most divorces. In fact, every thirteen seconds there is one divorce within the United States, which equates to 277 divorces per hour, 6,646 divorces per day, and ultimately, nearly 2.42 million divorces per year!

On average, about 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. While divorce rates have been slowly decreasing in recent years, there still remains a robust market that is ripe for disruption and this is the market that could make Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) become a household name.

Two Hands App

It took years of collaborating with fellow parents and co-parents, and through the help of their designers and programmers, for "Two Hands” to be conceived.

The app has all the important features that any parent, co-parent or caregiver would ever need to deal with any kind of activity concerning children.

“Two Hands” is accessed primarily through the web which makes it easier to connect to people and manage one or two households at the same time but the company has also made it possible for the application to be accessed from all kinds of devices and have made it easier to understand even for someone who is not that tech savvy.

The application will allow parents to track and assign activities that their child is a part of, as well as offer a shared custody calendar, to avoid any confusion on what is going on what date. You can store files as well and easily share them. This includes photos, and medical records, as well as travel documents and passwords.

The app also allows parents the ability to save, share and schedule events, upload photos, important documents, passwords, banking and medical information all in one safe place. It also reduces those face-to-face interactions that can be unpleasant and awkward for couples that have broken up but still need to raise children.

App security

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) also has another app called Two Hands Gone that allows you to send encrypted text messages right from your phone, combining military-grade security, confidentiality, and privacy -- with the utmost convenience, right at your fingertips.

The app was only recently launched in February of this year which means it is still pretty new to the app scene.

CEO Nadav Elituv stated, "Two Hands Gone is an end to end encryption messaging app, the messages self destruct 45 seconds after being read. The key benefit of our application is no messages are stored on the devices or our servers and are truly gone once read. The App is now available on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play. As we continue to expand our application, we expect better access to institutional investors and a broader shareholder base.”

If you need to have confidential conversations, this could be the app to do it with...

So there you have it... TWO big industries... and this company may hit a home run in both of them!

A top Wall Street analyst has projected the CBD industry will become huge.

“Our broader, big picture view of cannabis goes beyond the adult use launch in Canada,” said Cowen analyst Viven Azner.

She added, “Rather, we believe this is the first step toward the establishment of cannabis as a key functional ingredient touching multiple consumer categories with four key verticals: adult use, beauty and nutraceuticals, OTC pain and sleep, and pharmaceuticals."

One of the most exciting aspects of CBD, is how it is being replaced as a substitute for highly addictive opiates, which have cost the U.S. over a trillion dollars since 2001.

So two apps that could be widely downloaded across the world and a CBD venture in Colombia that could become monstrous means that Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) may be hidden treasure at these levels.

The company is also diligently working on getting listed on The Canadian Securities Exchange.

This looks like just the beginning… the ground-floor... the start of it all. The time to be paying the most attention…

Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) could be one of the next small-cap stocks on Wall Street to take off running and is trading at just PENNIES right now!

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